Play Dead IPAYellow Dog Brewing
IPA | ABV 7.0% | IBU 75.0

Our flagship IPA: a big, hop-balanced West Coast style, with prominent grapefruit, resiny pine, and tropical fruit hop aromas and a light crackery malt body.

420ml $6.75 | jug $23.0

311 Helles LagerCoal Harbour 12 Kings Only
Helles Lager | ABV 5.25% | IBU 19.0

A genuine, Munich style pale lager. Brewed with care and aged appropriately to provide a mellow and refreshing drinking experience that pairs well with any occasion.

420ml $5.5 | jug $19.0

Back Hand of GodCrannóg Ales
Stout | ABV 5.2% | IBU 16.0

Lean in body and powerful in flavour, Back Hand of God Stout has won many consumers' choice awards. This dry stout is easy to drink, rich and inviting. It is extraordinarily smooth and mildly hopped with a distinct coffee/chocolate presence.

420ml $6.75 | jug $0.0

PilsnerSlow Hand Beer Company
Pilsner | ABV 5.2% | IBU 38.0

A modern classic Pilsner, ours draws influence from the clean tasting, slightly higher-ABV Pilsners of Germany. Sterling hops are used exclusively, lending a slightly earthy, herbaceous aroma, and an orange blossom finish.

420ml $6.75 | jug $23.0

Blueberry CobblerAnother Beer Company
Pastry Sour | ABV 5.9% | IBU

They have baked up a Blueberry Cobbler inspired sour, that is superlatively balanced. Tart Blueberry, meets a doughy malt backbone, that unfolds with sweetness, cinnamon spice, and vanilla niceties. Refreshing & complex.

420ml $6.75 | jug $23.0

Dry Irish StoutPersephone Brewing Company
Stout | ABV 4.5% | IBU 30.0

Roasty, coffee-like aroma with undertones of freshly baked oatmeal cookies. Flavours of dark coffee and toast with a balancing bitterness. Lightly carbonated with a very smooth texture and a dry finish.

420ml $6.75 | jug $23.0

Dry Hopped CiderPersephone Brewing Company
Cider | ABV 6.5% | IBU

Off dry cider dry-hopped with Citra, Mosaic, and Columbus. 100% BC apples and about 20% from Sunshine coast. Non Filtered, non pasteurized, F’n Delicious.

420ml $6.75 | jug $

Hazy WildSunday Cider
Cider | ABV 6.5% | IBU

This cider is wild fermented from proper cider apples. Nice complexity, but still dry and refreshing.

420ml $6.75 | jug $

Nutty UncleDead Frog Brewery
Peanut Butter Stout | ABV 6.1% | IBU 24.0

A creamy milk stout brewed with 6 premium malts, roasted cocoa beans and peanut butter. Flavours of roasted chocolate and coffee make way for smooth hints of peanut butter and a slightly sweet finish.

420ml $6.75 | jug $23.0

Dime BagMoon Brewery
Sour Key IPA | ABV 8.0% | IBU 70.0

A barrel aged Brett IPA dry hopped with citra hops and sour keys.

420ml $6.75 | jug $23.0

Pinky TuscaderoBeere Brewing Co.
Raspberry Lemonade Sour Ale | ABV 5.0% | IBU

Raspberry dry mild tartness, hint of lemon.

420ml $6.75 | jug $23.0

The ShaftMoon Brewery
Russian Imperial Stout | ABV 10.5% | IBU 40.0

The Shaft Russian Imperial Espresso Stout made with freshly pulled @oughtredcoffee espresso, cocoa nibs, hazelnut extract and Mexican vanilla.Made with fresh espresso, cocoa nibs, hazelnut infused vodka, vanilla and lactose sugar.

420ml $6.75 | jug $

Juicer AFBoombox
IPA | ABV 7.5% | IBU

Heavy on mosaic and citra with cascade and centennial.

420ml $6.75 | jug $